DocHub Outsourcing II


The legal department of the London branch of a global investment bank.

Issues that we helped identify

The client had an overflow of master agreement negotiations which were being generated across its business, from its Asia-based securities financing business to its UK corporate lending arm. The client needed access to a range of experience across a variety of jurisdictions and agreement types. In particular, it needed:

  • Scalable resource
  • Access to cumulative experience and knowledge
  • Industry and jurisdictional insight

How did we help our client?

The client accessed our DocHub service which provided the client with a range of services, including:

  • Scalable resource: the ability to scale-up the dedicated DocHub team to meet the demands of peaks in document negotiation
  • Access to cumulative experience and knowledge: the range of experience across the DocHub team enabled a variety of documentation types, jurisdictions involved and styles of underlying transactions to be dealt with quickly and efficiently without impacting on the client’s own resources
  • Industry and jurisdictional insight: the DocHub team were able to give the client the benefit of their insight into industry and jurisdictional issues within particular negotiation points as well as provide feedback on historic deal documentation that impacted the client’s risk analysis of particular counterparties

 How did the project benefit our client?

  • Access to experienced DocHub team to manage overflow work which naturally occurred at peak times for the client
  • A variety of documentation types and jurisdictions could be dealt with quickly and efficiently due to the experience of the DocHub team

Project Time and Resource

The client accessed our DocHub service, a standing team of lawyers and paralegals, being able to scale up and down its needs over time. Throughout the project, continuity of experience and service was achieved by ensuring dedicated staff dealt with all work and that the same senior negotiator was on hand throughout the project.


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