Data Capture and Reporting

Legal documentation is crucial to the effective operation of a number of core risk management and front office processes.

As a result of evolving regulatory demands, financial institutions need to have immediate access to an increasing range of granular document data, including:

  • Events of default
  • Termination events (in particular NAV triggers, ratings downgrades)
  • Collateral/margin terms

In response to these requirements, we can:

Deploy expert staff to identify and record key legal and commercial data in the executed documentation.

Capture and store extracted data according to the client’s specific requirements (either a bespoke database created for this purpose or an existing client system).

Assist in the definition and design of the data model(s) required to meet each client’s requirements and test the relevant data capture tool, prior to go-live.

Key benefits of implementing a data capture process are:

  • Compliance with regulatory requirements (e.g. UK FCA liquidity risk reporting regime, RRP, CASS resolution packs, trade reporting under EMIR/Dodd Frank Act etc)
  • Immediate access to core data (e.g. financing terms, scope of termination events, rating downgrade trigger, collateral management terms) to provide real-time risk monitoring
  • Enhanced reporting to illustrate compliance (or non-compliance) with documentation policies/guidelines
  • Rapid and informed response to counterparty defaults
  • An ability to implement multi-factor optimisation strategies (CVA, FVA, RVA)

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