Legal Documentation Negotiation

Successfully managing the negotiation of high volumes of often complex legal agreements is a challenging task. We know; we’ve been there.

Fluctuating demand to on-board new clients (and maintain existing agreements) coupled with constraints on internal resources all add up to a constant juggling act.

Via our DocHub outsourcing service, we can provide a solution either as part of your normal day-to-day requirements or provide “burst” capacity in times of high demand.

The DocHub is a standing team of experienced lawyers, paralegals and administrators based in our London offices with the capability to negotiate and process an extensive range of master agreements.

The DocHub delivers the following benefits:

  • Cost effectiveness – a pre-agreed fixed price per agreement provides cost certainty and transparency
  • Flexibility – clients can access the full range of our capabilities in all asset classes via the DocHub to provide a constantly evolving solution
  • Scalability – the DocHub can be engaged to manage a small number of agreements that may not justify the recruitment of additional staff, alternatively we can increase the size of the DocHub team at short notice to manage substantial document portfolios (e.g. mass amendment requirements, business re-structuring)
  • Immediacy – the DocHub is on constant standby to receive client instructions

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