Regulatory Change Management

Regulatory change is requiring firms to comprehensively review and adapt their risk management operating models, particularly relating to derivatives documentation. Institutions are increasingly required to interrogate, assess, renegotiate and initiate documentation that has an impact on a range of stakeholder groups including legal, compliance, operations, front office and risk management.

We provide a range of effective and competitively-priced solutions to address these challenges. The DocHub service can provide outsourced management of a client’s entire documentation team, or provide targeted management and negotiation of documentation for a particular regulatory change workstream.

Our experience of working in and managing teams across banks, asset managers and law firms makes us uniquely placed to help our clients every step of the way:

  • We are specialists in assessing the impact of regulatory change on clients’ documentation, risk management and operational processes
  • We have extensive experience in designing and delivering tailor-made solutions to help clients successfully meet the challenges of regulatory change
  • We can benchmark your processes and documentation against the industry and against regulatory demands
  • We can execute a wide variety of documentation solutions, whether that be managing a client outreach exercise or negotiating complex derivatives and capital markets documentation
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